Grass Parrots


the turquoise parrakeet

neophema pulchella

la perruche turquoisine






photos A.Campagne / C. Mattheeuws

Listed as a vulnerable species, the Turquoise parrot is endemic to eastern Australia, from north-east Victoria through New South Wales to south-east Queensland, scattered on areas of suitable habitat.

In the past, common around Sydney, this population crashed early this century, mostly due to the loss of habitat.

More often encountered in pairs or small group of six to eight, foraging most of the time. The species occur in eucalyptus woodlands and open forests with ground covered of grasses and shrubs. Nesting from August to January in hollows of small trees, dead eucalyptus or eventually in logs lying on the ground.





length 20 cm, weight 40 g average.

The male has more brillant colours than the female and has two blue tones and a brownish red bar on the wing, he doesn't have the white underwing stripe of the female .The female is duller, with greenish breast  and less blue on face, she doesn't have the red on the wings. Immatures look like the female but sometimes young males already have some red on wings and blue on the head, reaching adult colour about six months old.



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