Grass Parrots

turquoise parrakeet mutations


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primary mutations

mutations definitions

usual name

sex-linked mutations

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Cinnamon: prevents the total oxydation of brown pigment into black pigment without reduction of the amount of pigment. The eye is red and quickly darkens with age.


cmtcin004.jpgcmtcinf 105.jpg

Opaline: it alters pigment distribution reducing spread of black pigments and enhancing the psittacin pigments without altering structural colour production. Enhanced wing stripe in both sexes, grey down turns into white.


cmftqop085.jpgabjg 028.jpg

autosomal recessive mutations:


Fallow: changes all black pigments into brown shades, the eye is dark red, skin and nails are pale. The general  colour looks lighter.


Faded :  Slightly reduces the amount of the black melanin giving a greyish brown appearance. The eye is  dark.


Dilute: Reduces the amount of melanin in feathers but retains dark eyes and nails

Dilute (Yellow)

cmftqj 009.jpg_MG_5882 500.jpg


Pied: stops the deposition of melanin pigments within feathers in an irregular pattern 


Tpan 075.jpg

dominant mutations :


Dark factor : It increases the depth of colour giving a darker appearance. Incomplete dominance (difference between single and double factor ).

Dark green

gtmvsff 062.jpg

Double dark factor (olive) : see above

Olive green

  ol 029ab.jpg

Greygreen: prevents all structural colours, producing a grey effect, there is no difference between the single and double factors.  

Grey green

cmtqgv 014.jpg

comparison between dark green, double dark green and greygreen


Violet factor :  Co-dominant factor which darkens the colour and expresses itself better when combined with the blue factor.

violet factor


mutation + selection:


Red fronted : Strongly depending on selection to produce good specimens, this master gene is dominant to normal , many selection genes are involved in determining the spread of red. Only full red fronted birds must be considered in breeding.

Red fronted

AT m VPR OG(2).jpg

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