Grass Parrots

 red-rumped parrot mutations

primary mutations

mutations definitions

usual name

sex-linked mutations:

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Cinnamon: prevents the total oxydation of brown pigment into black pigment without reduction of the amount of pigment. The eye is red and quickly darkens with age.



Lutino:  inability to produce melanin pigment, skin, nails and beak are pink, eye is red.


flutino073.jpg smlut 061.jpg

Pallid:  less grey/black pigment is produced than in the wild type, giving a paler look with dark eye and normal beak and nails. 


 mpallid061.jpg fpallid 092.jpg

Pallidino:   with one gene for pallid and one for ino, the young are partway between pallid and lutino in colour



Platinum: part of the lutino gene family giving an intermediate mutation lighter than the pallid form



Opaline: it alters pigment distribution reducing spread of black pigments and enhancing the psittacin pigments without altering structural colour production. Enhanced wing stripe in both sexes, grey down turns into white.


mopaline 064.jpg fopaline 023.jpg

autosomal recessive mutations:


Blue: inactivates the production of yellow/ red psittacin pigments which are replaced by pure white colour. 


mbleu 082.jpg fbleu086.jpg

Parblue : intermediate colour between green and blue due to partial activation of the gene, leaving some yellow shades.

  turquoise (european blue)

smbe 013.jpg sfbe 005.jpg

Pied: stops the deposition of melanin pigments within feathers in an irregular pattern, removes red colouration.



smpanv 079.jpg

Fallow: changes all black pigment into brown shades, the eye is red, skin and nails are pale. General colour is lighter. .


mfallow 044.jpg

Bronze Fallow: changes all black pigment into light brown shades, the eye is  bright red, skin and nails are pale. The general  colour looks lighter, more or less creamish yellow, male are usually darker than females and some strains are lighter than others.


 bronze fallow

dnmbf 026.jpgsffb 018.jpg

Black eyed yellow: full pied colour giving a deep yellow colour with black eye ( recessive inheritance)


dominant mutations:


Greygreen: prevents all structural colour producing grey when yellow pigment is removed (with blue) ,dominant inheritance,(single and double factor look similar).  


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