Grass Parrots

elegant parrakeet mutations

primary mutations

mutations definitions

     usual name

sex-linked mutations

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Cinnamon: prevents the total oxydation of brown pigment into black pigment without reduction of the amount of pigment. The eye is red and quickly darkens with age. Only in Australia


autosomal recessive mutations


Lutino: inability to produce melanin pigment, blue parts turn into white, skin, nails and beak are pink, the eye is red.



Bronze Fallow: changes all black pigment into brown shades, the eye is dark red, skin and nails are pale. The general  colour looks lighter, but there are several degrees of reduction, which probably represent different mutations, giving different phenotypes for some species .

Bronze Fallow



Pastel : reduced amount of black pigments in feathers but not in skin or nails, the eye remains black and nails are normal. (The melanin seems reduced in edging the feathers, it could be an edged dilute but that is still under investigation).

  (Grey wings)



Faded : slight reduction of melanin in all areas, not very different from the wild type.


dominant mutations


Greygreen: prevents all structural colours, producing a grey effect, there is no difference between the single and double factors.

Grey green

GrijsgroenA 2.jpg   

Pied: stops the deposition of melanin pigments within feathers in an irregular pattern 



combinations of mutations

Pied Lutino

mlutcinn 096 copie.jpg

Bronze Fallow Pastel

 a128 Emfadfal rd.jpg


 E30 red copie.jpg

Bronze Fallow Ino


Bronze Fallow Faded

a172 Ebzfalfad rd.jpg

Pied Bronze Fallow Pastel

 a163 Embzfalfadpan rd.jpg

Pied Faded

 a141 Emeddilpan rd.jpg

a050 rdfad nal.jpg

a102rd ed nal.jpg

a138 lut fadfalrd.jpg

a151Eddilu m f rd.jpg

a153 eddil nal rd.jpg