Grass Parrots

the bourke's parrakeet mutations


primary mutations

mutations definitions

usual names

sex-linked mutations:

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Opaline: it alters pigment distribution reducing spread of black pigments and enhancing the psittacin pigments without altering structural colour production. Enhanced wing stripe in both sexes, grey down turns into white.



opaline 017.jpg

Lutino:  inability to produce any melanin pigment, blue parts turn into white, skin, nails and beak are pink, the eye is red.   


306 acmblutr.jpg

Cinnamon: prevents the total oxydation of brown pigment into black pigment without reduction of the amount of pigment. The eye is red and quickly darkens with age.



Pallid:  less grey/black pigment is produced than in the wild type, giving a paler look with dark eye and normal beak and nails. 


autosomal recessive mutations:

 Following MUTAVI research to standardize the names at an international level, the Bourke's mutation formerly named  "yellow" is called now "pale fallow".

Bronze Fallow: changes all black pigment into brown shades, the eye is red, skin and nails are pale. The general  colour looks lighter, but there are several degrees of reduction, which probably represent different mutations, giving different phenotypes for some species


femfallow2b 025 copie.jpg

Pale Fallow: changes all black pigment into light brown shades, the eye is  red, skin and nails are pale. The general  colour looks lighter, more or less creamish yellow, male are usually darker than females and some strains are lighter than others.

Pale Fallow (yellow)

Bpalfalm 043.jpg BpalfalF 021.jpg

Edged dilute (ex Spangle) :  removes foreground melanin from half  of the feather , reducing it to the edge ,  without altering the body colour.

Edged dilute


Pied: stops the deposition of melanin pigments within feathers in an irregular pattern, established in Australia, appeared recently in Germany with restricted pied areas.

pied  025.jpg

unusual colour improved by selective breeding

opalbleu 036s2.jpg

YB Coljon B0015.jpg

Coljon Blue 2010 cd.jpg


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